Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mysterious Abbreviations

The only thing preventing me from being dubbed a DisasterCraft is that I'm not made with yarn, glue or glitter. Or at least that's how my mind feels at times.

As much as I love exploring the world of crafting, sometimes I get stuck on the most simple of things. Take, for example, abbreviations.  I am too often stymied by abbreviations.  Not the abbreviations used in patterns, because those are usually common enough that explanations are abundant.  I'm talking about those used often in blogs and web-sites.  Most recently I have found myself happily meandering through Flickr streams, or Ravelery projects, when I come upon an abbreviation.  Progress halts, and I'm sent off in search of the meaning of these little letters.  It has often been difficult, but eventually the mystery is solved.  Here are the first two abbreviations I encountered that caused me great grief:

WIP - Work in Progress
FO - Finished Object

(ok, it's a short list, but they've caused me enough grief that I felt this was important to share)

And THEN yesterday I had this interchange with dear Briddy, who was unaware of my difficulties with common crafting abbreviations:

Briddy: I'm going to go cash in a gc at the lys so that will be a fun blog!
Me thinks: Huh?! What does that mean!? Oh no, not again!! But, at least it sounds like fun!
Me cooly replies: What does that mean? gc at the lys?
Briddy: giftcard, local yarn shop
Me thinks: oh man, I've got a lot of learning to do

Thanks to Briddy, I now have two more mysteries solved:

GC - Gift Card
LYS - Local Yarn Shop

In spite of the temporary, self-induced frustration, I learned new things. I also re-learned the importance of asking for help.  I'm glad to have people in my life that have knowledge that they are readily willing to share with me. I simply need to remember that often, in order to find the answer, one must first ask the question.

And with that I would leave you with this question: Do you have any abbreviations that I should be aware of?

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  1. Oh just you wait...there's even more abbreviations you'll encounter when knitting, like K2TOG and KFB and M1. OMG, WTH? :D