Friday, January 27, 2012

Let Me Call You Sweetheart Headband Pattern

I love making things for my daughters!  One thing I have noticed in accessory trends is headbands.  The bigger, the bolder, the better.  Apparently headscarves are also hitting the runways, but for now I'll focus on headbands.

Here is one I made for VJ, my oldest.  Her friends at school are going gaga over it!  
The pattern that I used can be found at Tif Matthews blog.  Thanks Tif!

Great look for late winter/early spring, but I wanted to think ahead to warm weather, but I only got as far as Valentine's day....

Instead of a flower, I went with a heart and made three skinny chains using a size "I" crochet hook and worsted weight yarn.   I'm planning to make a few more with different variations of the heart.  Here is a pattern for the headband.  Enjoy and please share a photo of your finished product with us to We would love to see your Let Me Call You Sweetheart headband! 

Yarn: Any worsted weight.  I used Vanna's Choice in pink.
Needle:  size I crochet hook

sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
tc: treble (triple) crochet
ss: slip stitch

Crochet the heart:
Chain 5 and form a circle with a slip stitch. 
Row 1: Chain 3, dc into the ring, repeat dc 8x, tc, dc 9x, chain 3, ss into ring
Row 2: Chain 6, *dc, chain 1*, repeat * to * 8 times, tc, chain 1, repeat * to * again 8 times, chain 6, ss into ring
Row 3: Chain 4, ss into the first dc in row 2, *ss, sc, ss into the dc space* repeat * to * 18 times, chain 6, ss into ring and bind off.  Weave in ends.

Crochet the headband.
Easy Peasy!  Chain 60, connect with a slip stitch and bind off.  Make three of these.  

Attach the heart to the headbands.  (I spaced them evenly in three spots and attached them with small lengths of yarn, and then wove the ends into the back of the heart.)  

Find the "bottom" of the headband and gather the three headbands together.  (I stitched them together in one spot using the tail ends.)

Enjoy, and feel free to point out any errata!  

1/29/12: I was thinking that if you want a headband with a button, you could:

Chain 4
Row 1: SC into the second chain from hook.  SC in next two chains, chain 1 and turn.
Row 2: SC three times, ch1 and turn
Rows 3-6: repeat row 2

Sew your button onto this square.  Use a smaller one since the buttonhole will be the size of one stitch.

Make the rectangle with the buttonhole:
Chain 4
Row1: SC into the second chain from hook.  SC into next two chains, chain 1 and turn.
Row 2: SC three times, ch1 and turn
Row 3: repeat row 2.
Row 4: SC into first SC, SS into next SC, and SC into last SC, chain 1 and turn.
Row 5: SC into first SC, chain 1, SC into next SC, chain 1 and turn.
Row 6: SC into first SC, SC into chain space, SC into next SC, bind off and weave in ends.

Then when you make the chains for the headband, start by slip stitching into the rectangle, one chain strand in each of the three SC.  Attach with a SS into the other rectangle when you are finished with the desired number of chains, and bind off.  

I hope that isn't confusing!  :) 


  1. on row 2 of the heart, do i do this into the ring, or into the first stitch?

  2. After chain 6, everything (except chains) go into a stitch, except your last slip stitch.